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Bluetooth wiring help in 2001 E53

Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can help me out here...

I have a 2001 E53 with a manufacture date of 2001-02-11.
My car says it came with S640A option.
I have upgraded to 16:9 Board Monitor.
I have added ULF with the BMW Genuine DB25 to ULF adaptor.
I have upgraded to MK4 Nav.
I have also now just upgraded to BM53 Radio with BMW Genuine Adaptors.

My problem I have is still the very low volume of sound coming from ULF to the stereo. I have noticed in older cars you need the ELK amp. However I was reading that if you upgrade to the BM53/54 you don't need this amp.
Despite upgrading the Radio module, its still very low! Unusable low...

So would I be right in saying that the Telephone + & - wires that are coming out of the ULF are currently incorrectly wired straight to one of the front speakers?
Should I be 'interrupting' these two wires and sending them to Pins 6 & 12 on X13649 on the BM53?
I currently don't have an eject box or harness at all in my car. by putting one of these in with the correct harness, would that 'fix' my problem?

I look forward to hearing your suggestions/ideas
X5 2001 4.4i E53
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