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Originally Posted by jeep View Post
I was looking for the "valve cover gasket replacement DIY" when I saw your post, thanks for sharing. Looks like there is some oil leaking from your valve cover gasket as well. Frankly I am not happy that the valve cover gasket starts leaking so soon, I have just 44K miles on mine and it's an 08. Looking at the involved process and tools required I might just let the Indy do it for me, and probably will get the plugs replaced at the same time.

Are you planning on replacing your valve cover gasket? Did you get any quotes for the same and if you do replace it yourself will appreciate if you can post a DIY for the same as well.

Funny you mentioned as its at the dealer today under CPO for the gasket work. Sorry no DIY for this.

Update: Got the X back and they replaced 3 gaskets. Guess it was leaking in a few places...CPO'd

11-12-7-582-245 - Profile- gasket
11-12-7-559-699 - Gasket Cylinder head
11-12-7-552-280 - Gasket -Cylinder head, electr. add-on parts
'07 3.0 X5 Silver - SP/Prem/Nav/M-Steering/Running board/3rd row/Areodynamic kit/Fender Flare Arches/214 wheels
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