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first of all - welcome to the forum...

the other thing is - you have provided very limited information but it seems that you have an E46 and not an E53 or E70... we still can help you but you will need to give us more information, such as the specific model, the year... you already mentioned that it is an E46 made for Japanese market, so it is probably a RHD car with a Jap navigation unit fitted (unless the Nav was changed).

The original Japanese navigation computer will not work outside of Japan as they are using a unique hardware/map software setup - so, regardless of the latest japanese firmware for the navigation computer, you still would not be able to use the middle east maps in japenese computer...

you would need to remove the jap nav unit and fit in a regular MK1,2,3 or 4...

Of course, the manufacturer had so many variations on the market that my information might be totally wrong - that is why it is so important to have as much of information about the car's present set up, and even pictures of your nav computer may help...
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