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if you have the "old" looking screen with television wording, the screen is generated by the TV module, as you noted earlier...

also, it seems that two Nav modules did not generate any screen menu but you say that the speed camera info came over the speakers... while it is a possibility for the two nav units to be defective, the probability of it is rather low - therefore, based on this and the fact that the sound from teh nav is working, i would suspect a break in the electrical connection from the iBus wire on the harness that connects the nav unit to the rest of the system... without that iBus wire, the system will not recognise the presense of the nav unit, and such, will not generate the screen... it falls a bit outside of this theory the fact that the sound is coming through, so there is a possibility, that only the "video" wires from the nav are broken, but i still suspect, that the problem is with the iBus wire...

regardless, it seems that there is a broken/chaffed/shorted wire in that harness...

can you trace that harness and check the wires for any abnormality??

oh, and you can create a permanent (changeable at your leisure) signature that will list the year and type of your x, so you will not have list over and over again...
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