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a chaffed wire will cause flickering - check the wires around bends, sharp turns... the nav unit gets power, does what it is supposed to do, calculates the route, but can only relay the information via the audio, as the video and/or iBus info is not communicated to the rest of the car...

the break can be anywhere between the nav system and the monitor - start checking the harness/loom from the TV module on... try even to unplug the TV - with no TV and no Nav, there will be just blank screen on the monitor but the radio should continue to work...

try to knead the looms in the trunk, to see if you will be able to get anything on the monitor - if there is a chaffed wire, you may get some intermittent image from the nav when you knead the loom... however, while kneading, make sure you do not damage any other wires... lol...
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