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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
Thanks tmv, you have the most recent success with this and are most familiar so I will try your methods later on. What I want to do is get my car to sit at an even baseline, so I have the exact 707/709mm on each corner (or at least close within a few mm's), then set it to default, and then I can evaluate further lowering from there (by adding mm's to the calibration in the original DIY)

So I take my EXACT amount that I have now on each corner, plug that into the calibration when asked on each corner, and the suspension should "correct itself" to the 707 and 709 values? YES

So in theory, with your corner that was 1" higher than the rest, if you were just calibrating to even out that corner and have the default heights all around, you would put in a value of 709 + 25mm = 734mm when asked since that is what you measured, and the suspension would level down to a value of 709mm since it is correcting for it? Am I understanding correctly?
In my case with the higher corner (1"): If I ONLY want to bring it down to standard point, I would enter the exact measurement that I made with the tape measure, which is ~734mm. YES, you understand it correctly.

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