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Projector fog lights on facelift X5

I have successfully put them on my iS. Actually I swap them from my 3.0i.
Thanks to the post from TerminatorX5, I know they have the same mounting point as the newer reflective style. The problem is the air intake tube in the way on the right side. Here is how I did it, and it work
Remove this pin here

It's the hanger for the intake tube. I shake the tube after removing the pin and it's fine with the connections at both ends.
After that, you want to move the mounting tab behind the mounting point like so

Now the projector fog-light housing can puch the intake tube in a little bit to fit.
Cut out the connector and solder the correct one on, and shrink wrap it to prevent moisture/water from entering. I used the marine shrink tube which has glue inside to seal it when you heat it up.

The projector fog light fit perfectly.

Test and make sure it works before putting the cover back on


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