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//MPact East 9/14/13 in Baltimore Inner Harbor - only few hours left

Pnoyako has made the post about this meet but he put the 9/14/14, which is a whole year out ...

the gathering is actually on the 14 of the September of 2013, which is less then two weeks from now... it promises to be EPIC!!!

Entrance fee is $20 and you can register on their website, MPACT 2013 BMW and Exotic Car Festival or go to their facebook page and take it from there...

and I hope Mike corrects the date in his title, so we don't have duplicate postings...
E53 X5 4.6iS
147K mi - Sold May 2013
Tireprints left in:
USA, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Russia

E53 X5 4.8iS built 2005-10-17
66200 mi - June 2012
96000 mi - June 2013
112000 mi - June 2014
OEM fire extinguisher
OE first aid kit
OE tow hitch
OE TV module
OE aspheric mirror
K&N air filter
black/white badges
rear camera
4-channel video recorder

Here is the list of things I have done to the X

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