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Question M dead pedal on a non M X5

I have not seen any thread about it so I wanted to have one out.
How many of you have swapped out the dead pedal (footrest) on a non M X5 to the one that comes on X5 M and M-Sport models. IMO The plastic deadpedal looks cheap. Moreover I have already swapped out my brake and accelerator pedal to OEM BMW aluminum pedal and those will go better with BMW aluminum M dead pedal.
(Picture on the right is how my pedals look at this point.)

I am going to do this mod but just wanted to see if somebody has done it already. I do see people have done it on e90 (can be seen here: But the problem was that when you rip the OEM footrest off the floor you will break all 4 tabs because it was on really really really tight, and whatever broke off fell into the holes. Now you will have 4 holes in the carpet, and the underside of the new M dead pedal has only hollow tubes molded into it and no anchor, and the holes do not bite the tubes.
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