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this is what i had from the log..

IKE -> BD/90 - Electronic braking-force distribution
LCM -> Shadow-memory:
5B/05 - Level washer fluid
7A/01 - Front left side light
SHD -> Shadow-memory:
9444/03 - Long-time low voltage
9541/5F - SHD SKB activation
9540/41 - SHD Manual roof movement
9640/81 - SoS Manual roof movement
9440/1F - Panic mode activation
9441/01 - Manual initializing

i tried starting the car again tonight when got in.. engine light still on and when i pressed down on the accelarator pedal to rev it a little bit i could hear and feel it wasnt running right..
2005 E53 X5 post facelift
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