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Originally Posted by sbenne11 View Post
This may be a weird question, but does the E70 have a "sleep" mode or battery saving mode when the vehicle has not been started for a while ? I notice from time to time when I haven't started the car for 5 or more days, that it seems sluggish with the electronics when started, and twice the clock was off and the settings were set back to default...Either a sleep mode or a bad battery ?
As stated above there IS a sleep mode. There have been many reports of issues with batteries dying due to paracitic draws on the bus. The BMW has a bus off which various modules hang, in various states of readiness. After a certain time, they should all shut down. What can happen is one module can 'wake up', for no reason, and the car wakes up- all the modules draw power for a while, until they go back to sleep. Over a week or two this will pull down the battery. In fact, over years this process of the battery being discharged each night can lead to shortened battery life.
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