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Wink My first X5 - 2003 3.0i

After several days of paperwork screw-ups, she's ready to go, so I'll be picking her up tomorrow. Pics to follow.

The dealer's slapped on new pads and rotors all around, and at first blush it looks like there won't be much immediate maintenance to do, but will be nosing around some more to be sure.

Belts look good, new brakes all around, valve cover gasket's new, mufflers are new, hoses, power steering reservoir and expansion tank look good, as does the suspension. She rides smooth and quiet, corners like she's on rails No signs of oil leaks, no strange exhaust smells.

My tentative to do list, depending on how things look when I get in there:

Water pump, tensioners, and pulleys (with belts, just for peace of mind).
AT Thermostat
CCV and hoses
Oil filter housing gasket

I'm also thinking to do the tranny fluid in the spring, if it looks bad. With other cars I've owned, most of the fluid sits in the TC. I'm guessing it's the same for the X, so is the trans service a realistic DIY?

The hood roundel has got some wear, so that will be the first DIY :P
Anyone know a good place in Toronto to get a new one, or a Canada-based website to order from? Don't want to pay absurd customs fees.

SO looking forward to getting behind the wheel again!
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