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Superchips Bluefin

Seeing as there was very little mentioned about the Superchips Bluefin on this site and how the car goes after being flashed I thought I might add this to help others with their research!

A few weeks ago I took the plunge and decided to purchase one of these devices. Whilst there was a lot of information on the net about the Bluefin for other brands/engines, there wasn't a lot involving what it does to the M57TU.

Shipping was quick with contact with the seller (Peter, Aus Superchips agent) being helpful and prompt. Downloading the Map from the car was simple. Uploading the file to the Superchips servers however wasn't so smooth as their servers were down when I first tried. However next morning the upload was quick and easy. Within a few minutes I had received an email informing me the updated map is ready for download. The download and then upload to the car was again simple. Now for the drive!

When I first started out on the road there didn't appear to be a huge amount of difference, except for maybe feeling a little smoother. However it didn't take long to notice that I didn't have to use as much throttle to get the desired response with the increase of mid range torque quite noticeable. Throttle response has also improved and whilst the notorious 'off-on' throttle lag (especially from a standing start) has not been removed, it has cut it in half. After a couple of more drives I could tell the car was learning my driving patterns and it was then I noticed how much more torque it has and how much cleaner it revs at higher rpm. Whilst it still falls off the 'diesel cliff' at higher rpm, the fall isn't quite as severe and is a little further up the rev range. I could definitely notice I don't have to use as much throttle. Fuel economy is an interesting one. I haven't been able to work out a pattern as yet because I am 'testing' the increased torque more often! However on one highway trip it did seem to be better by about .2-.3 L/100km. Not that I am concerned as I didn't get it for economy!

To sum up I can say so far I am quite happy with the bluefin. Compared to many other options out there it provided the right bang for my buck as I didn't really like the sound of the power boxes that plug into the fuel rail. The hardest part is trying to resist using the extra torque!
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