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Whistle Waze on the factory Nav screen

the credit for this idea goes to a friend of mine off the HackiBus group on Yahoo, from the Middle East, who is using this setup for some time now...

Here is a rough wiring of an android phone to the factory Nav headunit. This concept needs a lot of fine tuning but the main idea is that it is much easier to upgrade your smart phone (some folks I know do it twice a year!!!), than to rewire your car everytime a new gadget comes on market...

The pre-requisites:

an iBus BMW - in my case it is an E53, 2006 4.8iS
factory Nav system - in my case it is a 16:9 screen with MK4 nav computer
factory TV module - in my case the module is retrofitted, as it is not available as an option in US spec'd BMWs.

The things needed to make the setup work are:

the TV module should have the AV input wired up
the Android phone should have the MHL ability, which is ability of the phone to put out the screen image onto a TV screen, usually in HDMI format (I am not an Apple "person" but I think iPhone has similar abilities)
you will need a video converter that will convert the HDMI signal into a regular, 1 volt peal-to-peak video signal (about $30 from Amazon)

in my particular setup, the phone i am using is an HTC One X+, that can transmit HDMI signal wirelessly to a special Media Adapter, seen on this picture. (about $50 without cables, about $100 with the cables). this particular setup allows a completely wireless integration of the HTC display into the factory headunit.

here is a link to the video - - ignore my attempt to run SlingPlayer, the main reason for the setup to be able to have the real-time navigation with the traffic updates, and on-line radio... ability to get weather updates, and some google search abilities are nice too...

here is another video, that proves a possibility of a touchscreen for the main screen - Testing Android 2.2 on a 23 inch LCD Touch screen - YouTube. this particular setup is possible thanks to the MimicsX2 module, MimicsX2 Module + Sender - customGadz. However, there are reported issues with the seller/company - some report that the seller is not responding to emails, the product is shipped with almost a YEAR delay, some report that the hardware is not working as advertized... this module, however, seems to be a direct device needed to retrofit a touchscreen overlay for the factory nav screen using a BT connection. It also seems that there are other possible options for this matter, i have not had a chance to explore them yet...

Now, the issues that come with this set up

the factory TV module is MONO only
the factory TV module will cut off ANY video source from being displayed on the main screen (the reverse camera is an exception) once the car is in motion
the factory TV screen resolution is 640x420 or something like that = super crappy

This will call for a key component that is not a factory authorized device - a TV-in-motion microcontroller, sold in abundance on german This device will allow the picture to remain on while the car is in motion, thus allowing the actual usage of this set up... There is another function that comes as a side function of the TV-in-motion device, and some of them have it, and some - do not... The function i am referring to is the ability to pull the picture from the TV module but keep the audio source previously selected, such as radio, or a CD playing over "muted" TV picture.
The benefit of this function is very simple - it will allow us to overcome the MONO limitation of the TV module. And once an AUX input is activated in the car (AUX input is factory pre-wired but not activated), the red and white wires from the HDMI-to-RCA adapter (see the picture) can be plugged into the AUX for the STEREO sound.

the benefits of this setup are clear - no permanent changes to the car's wiring, no loss of factory computer functions, the reverse camera, if wired via the TV module still cuts into any image projected on the main screen, you can always go back to your pre-purchase state, should you wish to sell the car...

opinions? suggestions?
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