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Hello Army...

I did not put into the post my complete set up, that includes a manual 4-in-1-out switch, AUX with the iLive Bluetooth for the stereo audio, power supplies that feed off a dedicated power line from battery, controlled by wake-on-LAN signal (when car goes to sleep after 16 minutes, all my aftermarket things lose power). The whole setup is hiding in the central console, where the CD holder is...

The phone's cradle is by iBolt, the phone goes into CAR mode the moment i drop the phone into cradle, i set up the profile that the BT is active when the screen is active, which is active when a power supply is connected... the power supply for the phone cradle that i am using is a 5V, 3A power supply, which has proven to INSUFFICIENT to power the phone... i was going to source a 5A power supply but later decided to built my own, 5V, 8A supply...

also, the iLive is calling for its own microUSB power source, the HTC MediaLink needs a MicroUSB source, the Mini HDMI-to-RCA calls for MiniUSB supply, and naturally, the iBolt cradle will get an 8A power supply...

I will list the set up with more details as time permits...

As far as the line PROGRAM AV goes - i noticed that your wording for AV is in RED, while mine is green... also, in mine, i can have the clock and the channel number (in this case, the letters AV) turn on and off by pressing the clock symbol on the right side of the monitor... as a matter of fact, on mine, that clock symbol also allows me to turn the TV function by bypassing the TELEVISON choice in the main menu, and keeping the audio source (like CD, or AUX)... that is a function of the TV-in-motion microcontroller... Anyways, i digressed... I do not know about the firmware versions of the TV modules but it could be due to internal programming... mine is hybrid, analog/digital... is yours too? can you try the clock symbol, see if that makes any difference?
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