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Originally Posted by pezho405 View Post
Wow, What a great job! Molodets!!
This is really cool, i can only dream of this for now, i dont even have Tv function yet

Off topic question but for the GPS time sync..
GPS_UHR is the name for this function in NCsexpert right? Which module is it under? I couldnt find it under Gt Gm3 or LCM.
thanks Pezho... initially i was going to set up a CarPC using CIS-IBUS module, but i installed it over a year and a half ago in the 4.6, and did not like the fact, that it was not integrated into the list of the main manu items (alongside the Nav, the Monitor Off, the Setting, the Telephone, the Aux Vent). you had to press the clock button (used by many ibus hackers for various purposes), and that would evoke the CIS-IBUS menu, that visually was mimicking the standard BMW interface screen... I was disappointed, to say the least, for about $800...
using the smart phone as the replacement of the CarPC is much better idea, and i like the fact that the whole thing is wireless, as all i have to do is drop the phone into the cradle, slide three fingers across the screen and that is all...

As far as the time sync - you watched my other videos on the youtube, didn't you?... lol...

I need to dig it up to see where it was - i think it was in GM, but could have been in the Nav module... you need to search for it, if you have the factory nav, you should have that line hidden somewhere...

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