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As you saw my first picture, most of my set up is on the right rear compartment. I am using a AC/DC power converter for some my power needs, but I need to go back there and unplug it after I am done using it, it is only my PS2 that needs the AC/DC power supply. The rest of my AV input devices, TV, DVD are powered up by connecting the power to the purple( ignition) cable in the back of the vehicle. The same cable that power the rear camera. I need to wait an see how you connected the wake-on-LAN power supply so that I can do the same. I can see from your pictures that we have a different set up.

I was searching the web for a wireless adapter for the IPhone and I may have found one, the 3rd generation Apple TV3: Apple TV - Buy Apple TV with 1080p HD - Apple Store (U.S.). The only thing that I am not so sure about is the fact that it asks for a WIFI connection. Also, I am not sure yet if the IPhone gets charged at the same time it is streaming video thru the lighting adapter!

My TV tuner is not a Hybrid. I am using a digital converter for the TV channel. I went to the vehicle and tried the clock symbol and I can see the green AV and clock, same as yours, but the blue line and the RED AV is still there. As you said, it must be some internal programming. I am going to start looking for another TV tuner and see if a newer model will fix that.
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