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Originally Posted by BGM View Post
So, was in for annual oil service last Thursday and my SA also wrote down some "fake complaints" by me on items he knows are common on e70s ('08 but only 50K miles on it). They checked radiator, power steering and oil leaks. Radiator and power steering came back fine but the tech found numerous oil leaks. I got the invoice back-- doesn't list prices but this is what was replaced below. SA said it would have been $4K if I didn't have the CPO (of course that's dealer pricing but still). My CPO is still good until 8/29 this year so will have them check again before then. Interestingly, I asked about getting the power lumbar support being covered under CPO and it is (thought it wouldn't).

- Vacuum Pump
- Both Upper Timing Cover Gaskets and Covers
- Valve Cover Gaskets
- 2 Cylinder Heads
- Spark Plugs
- Power lumbar support on passenger side

i might go ahead and ask for your SA when it's my time for service. Who's your SA if I may ask
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