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Originally Posted by digees View Post
There's too much to the story that we don't know about and there's even more that we will never know. In the United States I always thought it was innocent until proven guilty, and not the decision of the media to convict a "criminal". Not implying that he did not commit the crime, but an open-closed wham bam case can leave out the important details... Like why we were warned about them and yet this still happened. With all the liberties that we have overlooked and allowed to be walked on by people like the NSA, how were they able to carry out such a horrific crime?

Question everything.

I never thought my first post on this forum would be on the politics form when I was looking for exhaust for my e53.
digees, i understand your stand...

and with that stand, there are two conflicting "entities" inside of me - one entity is totally agreeing with you, we can't do the lynch mob, with pitchforks and torches, and kill somebody, who we think is guilty... with such a mentality, we will fall into anarchy... we need to commit to due process... in order to stay civilized and open society...

the other "entity" inside of me wants to tear him a new a$$hole... with all the other pitchfork and torch accessories...
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