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Originally Posted by TerminatorX5 View Post
Pezho, thank you for the vote of confidence... lol...

you guys know, i am not a natural born US citizen, so you guys are safe...
but, if i were to run for the president, my platform would be:

on immigration - if you did not clear consular officer and crossed the border legally, you are a criminal, as you broke the very first law upon your entry into the country...
official language in this country - ENGLISH. you are welcome to speak, read and write in whatever you wish, but any paperwork with any government agency to be done in english

if you cross the border illegally, we will shoot without additional warning.

we have serious issues at home and therefore all foreign aid to be frozen until further notice...

and there are many other unpopular things that i can think of... lol

but hey, this is not a LOUNGE forum, so we should not pollute the thread, right??

If only the indians could have killed all those intruders who trespassed on their property/land and suddenly claim it as their own. Thieves and criminals should be treated equally, no matter which to the dome.
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