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Dealer wants $200 to change the Language on MK4 Unit

Hi guys,

Well I'm almost ready to sell the X5 (E53), and need to put it back to it's native Italian language setting. For the OBD I'm ok, it's quite easy. The tricky part is the NAV which I think needs to be recoded and reloaded.

When I got the car, I took it to my indie in London to change the Nav from Italian to English. I think it took him about 30 minutes with the computer hooked up to the car, and I think it asked once or twice for the V1.32 CD and the Map DVD. Total bill. 40.

BMW indies in Milan area are rare and none of the ones I tried today seemed to have a clue how to do this.

So I called the main $tealer and was told 'no problem, 160 euro (tax included).'

Now I have a plan 'B'. In any case I need to change the loader mechanism, so I could either just get a new one, or send the MK4 off for repair.


Word of warning for anyone thinking of buying from - dont if you want something that lasts! - once again, that's WWW.POWERCOMPONENTS.NL = RUBBISH SUB-STANDARD COMPONENTS.

They sold me a 'new' loader (DVD-M3 4.6/7) 2 years back. Arrived covered in felt tip writing (apparantly on the production line they are all women and use this to remind themselves what they've done - BS!). The manager 'Paul' seemed decent enough then, but now doesn't give a sh!t. Offered me 5% discount on another dodgy refurb.

Actually it worked for 2 years and failed (not good for a NEW laser mechanism). This time I think its the motor not spinning up, but that just goes to prove that the unit was refurbed (as if the pen marks were not enough) - and not very well or completely. Probably they just change the laser and use a stockpile of faulty loader without checking the other components. If it works during the test, out it goes and fingers crossed is probably their moto.


Anyway, managed to find a guy on ebay that repairs the units for a good price (85) if you send yours to him in Romania. Good feedback and also has promised to recode it into Italian for me.

Now for my first question: Does this make sense? Can the unit be coded out of my car as far as you know?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Kev.

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