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We need a higher standard of diy's in this department

In the efforts of bettering and advancing the X5 community I would like to propose adding a sticky or getting started thread so that people who are not experienced in programming can reap the benefits of the wealth of knowledge in this subforum. I am a 24 year old mechanical engineer so I think I am fairly good at running through a logical process and using computers. Last Friday I was determined to update my nav, adding a custom splash and skyline. I was able to do this but I was surprised by how difficult it was to obtain good diy's. Most of the threads and stickys here assume you know what and how to use programs like -navtweak, navspeak, gtk, ultraiso, pspad, etc. I am here to say that most people don't have a clue. Most of the mods that the average Joe will want to do are incredibly easy but the exclusivity here prevents him. If you don't believe me look at the 50+ pages on the stickys at the top here, they all are loaded with the same simple questions over and over because it is so hard for the average joe to figure out how to get started. It doesn't have to be like this.

Typically a good diy thread will have a working document as the first post, explaining what needs to be done from start to finish. So that as questions come up the op will modify the op in order to keep it up to date and address difficulties that people have.

I will volunteer to make some drafts and you all with more technical knowledge can help out and then if possible we should add the documents as a sticky. Basically what I see is that the common programs and terminology needs to be defined. I still don't even know exactly what POIsON is ( ie. is it only applicable to UK peeps?) Navtweak, UltraISO, pspad, etc. these all are things that the average joe isn't going to have a clue on and when you google them you aren't going to find much either. In addition, there should be a detailed diy for common things like downloading the latest firmware and writing it to a disk, getting updated maps, making and changing a custom splashscreen / skyline. Those are really what I see as being the most common mods people want to do and once they do those they can probably figure out the rest of the stuff pretty well.

cc's post on page 11 of the splash screen page is extremely helpful but this should be more accessible and obvious. So what are the thoughts? . .like I said I'll volunteer to draft some things but not if they to will be washed into obscurity among the masses of threads. Thanks
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