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Originally Posted by mcurcio1989 View Post
I still don't even know exactly what POIsON is ( ie. is it only applicable to UK peeps?) Navtweak, UltraISO, pspad, etc. these all are things that the average joe isn't going to have a clue on and when you google them you aren't going to find much either. In addition, there should be a detailed diy for common things like downloading the latest firmware and writing it to a disk, getting updated maps, making and changing a custom splashscreen / skyline. Those are really what I see as being the most common mods people want to do and once they do those they can probably figure out the rest of the stuff pretty well.
POISoN - Points of interests with sound notification.

No its not UK only, you just have to install your own POIs and stuff
Accidentally just foun dthis good instruction, its in DE but hit translate on Chrome..
Navigation: POISon

Navtweak you can change colors, add splashscreen, add icons and so on...

UltraISO is what you open up the navboot file with to use in Navtweak

IMGburn is burning image onto a cd/dvd to stick in the car

Pspad sounds like photoshop pad but idk

ALso i think the hype iwth modding the splashscreen and poison and stuff was several years on here, cause some links ive visited dont work anymore, some websites look old very old, the posts on here fdate back to 2005-6-7..9
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