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yesterday i took the kids to the DC car show, the last day in town... i got in MB simulator, that showcased their intelligent drive...

as i "shifted" lanes into a car on my right blind spot, the MB tightened the seatbelt, basically yanking me into the seat, squeezed the seat bolsters, and CORRECTED my course of movement... all is good, to avoid the sideswiping the car in blind spot... what if i were to avoid something else in front of me and went to side, choosing lesser of two evils?? and how can you explain it in the court - your honor, it was not my intent to drive in that direction, the car chose to drive on its own... and it braked by itself, i meant to go straight but the super-sensors saw a ghost and decided to stop in the middle of a highway....

i understand that they are marketing the cars to complete idiots that have no time to learn how to drive... this is where we're heading with all those roadside assistance when people can't change their own tires, get a jump-start from a passing driver...

i still prefer cars, even with auto tranny, that have a lever that i need to move around... those fancy trigger-happy gadgets are too fancy when you need to make quick decisions...
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