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My E53 is well maintained and in pretty solid condition, and if it was for sale I would be happy to get $15k for it (2005 4.8is 135k miles). I bought it with 95k miles and have done a bit of repair on the air suspension (bad wiring apparently from a previous repair) and a couple of coils. Pretty much trouble free otherwise.

I don't have any fear of high mileage BMWs that have been properly maintained, and I recognize that any used purchase will have some needs to get it to my standards. Just do the model research to know what to look for, and have it inspected or know/trust the seller. Usual precautions coupled with patience produce the best results.

New cars can suck too, and even with a warranty you still have the hassle. Got your GT3 back from Porsche yet, or how about that Chevy with a recalled ignition switch? Lottery, IMO.
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