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I missed my next update, so I'll give a combined Day 4/5

Day 4 I was able to properly pressurize the reservoir. I performed a full bleed, at each point I pressurized the reservoir, opened the bleeder. Allows the attached hose to fully fill, submerged in a container of brake fluid. Pumped the brakes 5 times. Ran the DIS bleed procedure. Pumped the brake 5 times. Started the engine, pumped the brake 5 times. Ran the DIS bleed procedure. Closed the bleeder. Sounds ridiculous; but I got a TON of air out of the system, mainly at the passenger rear.

So, after this raindance, I had a fairly firm pedal with the engine off, but it was still soft with the engine running.

The next day after work, I basically repeated the exact same process. Afterwards, I had a pedal that was rock solid with engine off, and usable with the engine running. I still didn't think it was quite as good as before, but at least I could drive it and bed the pads in.

Today I drove it to work, and they feel great. Not sure why it is any different than last night, maybe the fluid was a bit aerated; but they are fantastic now.

I sometimes like to check it after driving a few days to ensure no additional air worked its way back out of the system, so I'll probably do that this time too - but for the time being I am just happy to lay it to rest - What a fiasco!

You can be darned sure I'll watch fluid levels like a hawk the next service; that is for sure!

But yeah, pressure bleeding running the "Bleed Procedure" routine were key. It was difficult enough and took enough time even with them, I don't think it ever would have been possible without them. I suppose this is pretty typical of any modern AWD vehicle, but it was a frustrating bit O' learning for sure. Thanks again to everyone who helped!
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