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It really SHOULD be easy - just don't be stupid like me and let it go empty!

The whole brake job & bleeding was a cakewalk and over quickly. It was the aftermath of my carelessness that caused all the headaches. Honestly, even just gravity bleeding would have worked; it is just that it takes SO LONG that it is easy to get distracted/forget to check up on it.

Power flushing is super-fast, the fluid flows from the bleeder in a stream. Using this rigged setup the entire reservoir would have been depleted in just a couple minutes if not watched carefully. If you do it, make sure you use a regulator, not a valve. A regulator limits total pressure, a valve would limit the volume of air but still allow high pressure to build up eventually.

DIS says to use 2 bar pressure (~30 psi), exceeding that can damage components I would imagine.
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