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Upgrade E53 4.4i to E70 i35d

My 2001 4.4i I've had since purchasing it new in Sept '01 has finally produced a repair bill more than the KBB value of the vehicle. With over $5K in repairs needed to keep it on the road, I think its time to put emotions aside and let it go.

I love driving this truck and I also love not having a payment for the last several years, which has justified some of the more recent repairs. However, the current $5K in repairs also don't take into account what may happen next (Still on original transmission and Rear Air shocks, neither included in this bill).

Anyway...I was thinking of selling it for whatever I can get for it and replace it with a later model E70 (2009 or newer). I thought I would pop over to the E70 forum to get an idea as to what I might expect from this generation X5. I was specifically thinking the 35d (Yes, the diesel).

I was hoping I could get some input from the 35d owners (or past owner) on their experience with this model and what I might expect from a 3 to 4 year old vehicle. Specifically what I might be up against buying a high-mileage (70,000+) vehicle.

Any input would help.
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