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I am enjoying my 2009 35d. I have put 8000 miles on it since I purchased it in November. At 62k and one week after I bought the X5, I was not amused when I learned I had to replace the rear air springs on mine. Still, the replacement parts were only $400 (I did the pair, as recommended) and they are lifetime warranty from Arnott. I have taken the SAV on multiple trips (Houston to Austin, Houston to Dallas) in good comfort and minimal problems.

Last week, however, at 70k miles and on the way to Dallas, I got the message saying AWD and DSC was malfunctioning. I forgot what software I used on my Android, but it said no faults found. I turned the engine off and turned it back on, and it was back to normal. I hope to not see it again.

The electrical and mechanical systems on these cars are so incredibly complex and I expect a glitch or two. Still, paying to maintain a German car makes me cringe. To be fair, however, my previous daily driver was an E39 M5 and I loved that problem-free car for 100,000 miles.

Should this X5 prove to be unreliable, I'll come right out and say I'll be trading it in for a Porsche Cayenne diesel.
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