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Fuse 48

Okay, so I have been researching a problem I have been having with my fuse 48... where it pops probably every month, sometimes twice a month. I found an article on how to fix the problem.

Article here: AC fuse keeps popping - Bimmerfest - BMW Forums

The last post on there says:

Well I did resolve the problem. I removed the module and cleaned out the fan as was suggested by @Zulu95. You should see the stuff that was clogging the fan!
I have not had a problem since.
User Zulu95 before that stated:

I remember reading (either here or on xoutpost) that the little fan that draws air to the cabin sensor can pop a fuse when it get dirty. You might want to try a search to see if you can find the relevant post on either board. All it took was a quick blow out using canned air to cure the problem.
However, I don't know what the cabin sensor fan is or how to access it, does anyone have more information on exacting where and what this little fan is?
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