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Please post your engine idle videos/sound

Looking to see if you guys have videos you can post of what normal idle sounds like for something at or near my mileage and specs. Specifically/ideally looking for 2004 4.4 idle sounds from the driver and passenger sides for an engine with approximately 185,000km on it. I'll get a cold start-up and warm idle video posted of mine so I have a baseline and to share with you guys. I've done a lot done to the top of the engine since I got it about a month ago, but I want to see if the noises I'm hearing are normal for the age or if I should be taking out another mortgage. The engine pulls consistently and well through all the ranges. I have to drain the tranny, do the filter/seal and reset it to hopefully get rid of the hard shift from 1-2 when going uber slow, but other than that, no issues. Other shifts are like butter, so I'm not terribly worried - yet .

Recent fixes include:
- water pump, gaskets, some coolant hoses, expansion tank, rad and flush
- idler pulleys
- ccv's (complete with bank 1 new valve cover and cold weather ccv relocate)
- valve cover seals, gaskets, o-rings
- intake gaskets
- coolant tube repair
- valley pan and gasket
- spark plugs, tubes
- fresh oil, filter
- air and cabin filter

Ton of other stuff non-engine area related, but the above should be all that affects the general engine bay area.

Stay tuned for my videos. Post yours if you have.

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