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2007 X5 - R.I.P. Nav DVD drive

Hi everyone,

Looks like my Nav DVD drive has finally decided to keel over and die. It doesn't matter which nav disc I put in, it won't read any of them. In fact it'll make the whole system hang (just displays BMW) for a long time when turning on, and if it eventually does come up, it'll often reboot and act strange. If I eject the nav disc, system turns on quick, radio plays, everything is normal... minus nav functions of course.

Being as I've tried multiple nav discs and get the same result, I'm convinced the problem is the DVD player itself. I wanted to ask the community if anyone knows where I can order just the DVD player and try to fix this as inexpensively as I can. If anyone has any tips or feedback it would be very appreciated!

FYI - I did search the forum and went through a few pages of results but didn't find what I was looking for. I hope I'm not asking something totally redundant... if so, sorry, please shoot me the thread URL I should be looking at!

Thanks in advance! Hopefully someone has the info I'm looking for!
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