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Originally Posted by ard View Post
I would first open it up and try to clean the optical pickup

Earlier incarnations you could replace the drive, and there are some DIYs (ie mark 3,4 units)

Have not seen the new CCC or CIC units, but assume there are people starting to fix these.

You've got nothing to lose, right?
True, nothing to lose by trying to clean the optic. I can give it a shot but should it not work and I have the drive laying in front of me... I'd just have to look up the model number and buy a replacement then slap it all back together?

I'm well out of warranty so going to the dealer is out of the question with the price tag I'm sure they'd try to charge. I'll keep poking around, cleaning would be great, but replacing the drive would be a great second option, assuming I can locate the drive to purchase.

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