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BMW MKIII and MKIV Blank screen issue

Hello guys. I started this thread beacuse i was doing some repairing on MKIII and MKIV modules, but i have kinda difficulty repairing them and i need some consulting and i would be trully gratefull for any help and tips i recieve here so lets start.
I recieved like 2-3 mk3 and mk4 modules and on all of them i have the same issue "BLANK SCREEN". I have read here that finding correct OS disc with correct software may ressurect them but for my case that doesnt help, beacuse i have downloaded that software, burned it on disc and it wont load or run disc at all. Power led does not blink at all on all of them. I managded to google up some information about EEPROM that is a bootloader and that EEPROM corrupts during OS upgrade but i wasnt able to find anymore information about that eeprom or its location or how to reprogram it. Recently i have build up NavCoder and complete navigation system on table to track I bus and to help me understand how system works. With navcoder i was able to track infromation that were sended via I Bus but the thing is, the navcoder wont see at all MK module like it doesnt exist.. I was wondering does anyone know any information about resseting this MK module (exept holding eject button for like 3 minutes or more, beacuse thath doesnt work ) so that i could insert new OS into it and does anyone have any information about that EEprom that corupts and doesnt allow MK to boot new software. Is there anyway to reprogram it? Any information would be very helpful i will try in my next post to upload some pictures of MK modules and whole system build up on table. Thanks in advance
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