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Before you take my instructions, please NOTE; I have never ever done software upgrade on any NAVI. In addition this is my 1st MKIV and I've had since May 9th. (yes I managed to kill it and bring it back to life with in the 1st 48 hours of owning it). So please understand, I'm by far no pro, but I learn pretty quick and I'm not afraid to screw things up during learning process.

So, I did not downgrade. I burned downloaded V32 on CD-R without unzipping the file. I think my mistake is that I would unzip the file before burning it, which may have changed software directory, so NAVI was not able to read it.

Assuming you are using window, download V32 software in to a folder. download & install ImgBurn, but do not open the program. go the folder where V32 software is saved. right click on V32. go to "Open With", select "Choose Program", double click on ImgBurn and then burn the CD-R. Make sure your the file has ".iso" ending and your burn setting are set to x1.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck
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