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NEW MEMBER! 2012 X5 e70 35i sport + common problems

Mom drives a 2013 750li, obviously I got into it and thought damn I need myself a bmw, as that thing is a beast.

Had a 12 c class on lease so passed that to another family member and purchased a 2012 x5 e70 35i /convenience/premium/sport pkg/white on black

Here's the two of them side by side

Some other shots

Overall absolutely loving the car, the only things I've done to it are get the oem floor mats for the front and oem gloss black grille.

Other than that, I came across a few "common problems" of the x5 e70 that I've found many people having issues with

1. Fuel gauge - rushes down like it's guzzling almost leaking fuel from the full marker down to about 3/4 of the way full, then seems to slow down for the rest of the tank.

2. Rear bottom trunk rattle - Managed to temporarily fix this completely with electrical tape on each latch, anyone know of any other more "permanent" way?

3. Comfort access not working - when I bought the car I noted this issue, dealer said I would have to wait another week for them to get the part in/fix it, etc. They said it was a problem with the rear right door handle, anyone else having issues like this?

*when I say comfort access not working--all the unlock/lock functions on the handles don't work, however I don't have to put the key in to start the car(very weird to me when the whole other part of the system is down)

4. Creaking sound in drivers door (heard when music off) - usually hear this when turning right/left sharply, sounds either a creak between plastics or a tiny rolling ball inside the door.

*possibility of 4 and 5 being connected??*

5. Drivers door does not close flush with rest of trim - from a certain angle looks as if the drivers door is about 3mm off from being perfectly aligned with the rear door of the car (passenger side is perfect)

6. Where is my satellite radio? How do I activate it?

7. How do I get the car coded? (I'm on Long Island, NY)

8. Terrible brake squeal - although I've learned how to force myself to break harder in order to not hear it, but consistent with the front driver side of the car - possibly also passenger but haven't had a change to check. No brake light is on - so what could be the issue?

9. Hairline scratches on iDrive screen, looking for a DIY fix, maybe a screen protector? - anybody know about this?

If anybody has any insight to any of these minor issues, it would be really helpful!

***also I should mention, if anybody knows of some easy mods that I could do other than below, let me know please! -- was looking into:

Led fog lights
Led license plate lights
Led interior upgrade
Debadge side of car
Possibly powder coating rims
Body colored plastic trim/front reflectors
***exhaust tip change to 50i (how to go about this?)
Possible aero kit - is it worth it?

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