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the door is clearly out of alignment... since the car is certified, the dealer should look into this and properly align it... if their body shop is not going to align the door, you can check into the door hinges to see their condition...

Naturally, the dealer will have to fix the convenience package too, unless it is somehow specifically excluded...

i had a 2011 335xi and 2012 335i with convenience package in each - the key will lock/unlock the car from the driver's and from the passenger's side - you just touch the ribbed part of the door handle. the key has no effect on the locks when trying to use on the rear doors... on the 2012 model there is also the "football kick" to open the trunk feature...

if the car does not lock/unlock from either sides, probably something is wrong at the module level - wiring or the module itself... assuming that the fuses have been checked...
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