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Wreck Purchased: Urgent: Melb TTB122 3.0d

Hi Guys,

The wreck of my written off 2005 3.0d was sold in Melbourne last Thursday.

I'd like to contact the buyer, but the auction house won't tell me who it is due to privacy law. I was going to attend the auction, but couldn't due to work.

If the buyer is going to wreck it, I'd like to buy some parts off it.

If the buyer is going to repair it and use it, I can help them out with some original parts that will make their life much easier.

The Rego is Victoria TTB122.

This link is to the auction. They incorrectly listed it as a 3.0i 5 speed auto! It's a six speed 3.0d.
2005 BMW E53 X5 3.0i SUV - Used Car for Sale - Manheim

Cheers + thanks,
2010 E70 3.0d M-Sport (RIP 3.0d e53)
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