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I ended up getting the Bridgestone dueler h/p sport AS tires and they are great!

Noise - very quiet on good roads, louder on rough pavement but never unreasonably loud.

Ride - on smooth pavement it feels as if the car is hovering half an inch off the ground on magnets. On bad roads you can begin to feel some road texture but never does it get uncomfortable.

Performance - they are everything I hoped for. Going around the highway on and off ramp turns I still haven't really found the limit of grip. As you go faster in a turn, it feels as if the outside edge firms up, holding you in the turn and keeping the car from breaking traction, almost as if you are kept on track by rails.

Rain - So far as good as in the dry. I haven't done much rain driving but they have yet to underperform.

Overall, very happy with this tire and would definitely recommend it. I was overwhelmed by the choices and didn't have enough feedback to go on but these tires really worked out well for me!
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