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I laughed at that video - it was classic.

An update for those following:
The indy shop swapped in another master and re-bled. Same issues remain. He has a BMW tech from the dealer over to assess as it had the whole shop scratching their heads. The tech said the shop has done everything the dealer would have done and then some. Apparently there is a line that they feel could have air trapped. Older or newer models (I can't recall which he said) had a bleed section or fitting in that line (I looked at several X5 versions on realoem and couldn't find one that had one, but those diagrams aren't always exactly what you see under the hood). Next week , he's going to insert a fitting to bleed and have a go at it again.

The saga continues. I'll keep updating as I know. Good thing I have a back-up set of wheels……

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