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Some other things:
- diesel appears to be most reliable engine with least problems
- 4.8 engine is great but requires service and eventually an engine rebuild (due to leaking valve seals)
- if you looking at towing consider getting a sav with airbags in the back (self leveling will help you after you load the suspension)
- airbags can fail and will need to be replaced
- I have to say I'm disappointing with build quality (I've owned a4's and vw's before)

Things that will go bad by 100k on the 4.8 engine chassis:
- alternator (about 800 or you rebuild voltage regulator)
- batter (that's normal wear)
- valve cover gasket (top of engine, aftermarket solution about a grand)
- alternator bracket gasket (you will have to drop subframe, about 900 at mechanic)
- airbag or airbags should fail (about 280 each from the dealer)
- timing chain cover, and valve cover seals
- oil pressure will leak oil
- partition bulkheads (engine compartment) will start breaking apart: no recall yet
- you may have an issue with throttle body

All the issues that come up will mostly require towing on flatbad.

Good luck (this is just from my experience in the last 40k of owning the car)
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