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DanX5d 03-30-2011 06:32 AM

Another X5 3.0D owner
Hi Aussie X5ers.
Finally bit the bullet and purchased a late 04 E53 3.0D with high mileage and needing lots of TLC that scared off most people but made it affordable for me. That makes two of these in the family on opposite sides of Australia.

Like my previously well aged E34, I plan to bring it back to reasonable condition for everyday use. It commenced last week getting the Autologic treatment by Ian Crane and his team. Inspection 2, all oils and fluids, new Aux fan, removal of 30kg of locusts etc etc. In 180K, the car has never had the big service. Some people should not be allowed to own these cars, let alone tow a 9'9" tall van weighing 2.3 tonne.

The Autologic team managed to fix some items (like Aux water pump) by recoding/resetting the control units instead of replacing it as I was told by other 'specialists'.

I have spent over 30 years in motorsport and engine tuning with recent stints at Meridan Motorsport and MoTeC and to name the most enjoyable and most challenging places. Hence if you need advice on what not to do, who is telling fibs or is just not fully aware of the consequences of power ups, suspension mods etc then pm me.

I also have been around forums for many years and find them to be of great value sometimes.....

Now my questions for any other enthusiast that can help -

a) Where do I find a proper workshop Manual?

I can get the parts manual off a BMW CD, but decent workshop manuals. I need to change the LH mirror lens (silver foil corroded) and tighten the RH mirror pivot as it is much looser than the LHS.

b) Who has a supplier for the rear cargo (roller) blind and safety net?

c) Has anyone updated the software in the 6 speed auto to cure the thump when it changes back to 1st when stopped?
Doesn't do this in Sports mode since it picks up 1st while still slowing to a stop. It is much better since the trans service as Autologic used the correct trans oil etc but still there when the trans oil gets warm.

That's enough to glaze over the most hardened enthuiasts. Happy X5 motoring to all.

Cheers Daniel.

huntertec 03-30-2011 06:51 AM

Hi DanX5d.
I have put a number of posts on the Inter'nl forum regarding the lurch I'm not aware of any real success with updated software fixing the problem, BMW downloaded two updates with limited results, they changed the trans oil twice as was recommended by ZF which totally fixed the problem, thats my experience anyway.

JCL 03-30-2011 01:29 PM

Most recommended manual for the X5 is the Bentley publication. Don't know how specific it is to your local market vehicles, but the basics should be well covered.

Fraser 03-31-2011 01:31 AM

G'day Dan,

As JCL says, the most comprehensive E53 manual is the Bentley. Unfortunately there's no specific coverage of the 3.0d engine as the manual is produced essentially for the North American market

The cargo blind and the safety net should be both available at a BMW dealer, but expensive. Otherwise it's ebay etc.

I haven't done a software update on my gearbox, but this is covered in much detail in the general E53 forum. Do a search. Just be aware that the post-2004 3.0d had the same ZF gearbox (ZF 6HP26) as the post-2004 4.4 V8. This is a different auto from the 3.0i and pre-2004 3.0d and 4.4i.

Good luck with it.

Schtonky 03-31-2011 05:29 AM

Hi Dan,
Yea I looked at that X5, nice wheels and saddle upholstery from memory.
Sound like these Autologic guys are for me where are they located.
Good to have you as part of this forum, Welcome fellow d driver.
I too know the "lurch" am thinking of the fluid change option

JDM-20L 03-31-2011 05:36 PM

Welcome to a fellow X5 3.0D!

is it Kalahari beige? (bit hard to tell in the avatar)



Fraser 03-31-2011 06:14 PM

Might also be worth checking the wrecking yards for a cargo blind and a cargo net. Very few E53s tend to turn up at wreckers, but you never know...

JDM-20L 03-31-2011 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by Fraser (Post 815620)
Might also be worth checking the wrecking yards for a cargo blind and a cargo net. Very few E53s tend to turn up at wreckers, but you never know...

Actually there is a wrecking yard about 5 minutes down the road from our office, they had an E53 the other day in the front yard it had no motor in it :rofl:, I can get the number for the OP if he wants.


DanX5d 04-01-2011 03:46 AM

Thanks for the welcome and replies...

- I had the trans fluid changed and it reduced the thump by half. I figured I would try it for another year and then change the fluid again if the software updates are not fixing this or much else?

- Have used the Bentley manuals before with my previous E34 and I will probably get that anyway, but I would like a diesel based book.

Fraser -
Thanks for the info. I have used BM Spares and Peninsula BM with my previous BMW renovations with availability always being the issue. Nick and Mat at BM Spares quoted $220 for the Cargo blind and $330 for the Cd stacker that is also missing.

JDM 20L -
Olivine Met/Pearl Beige according to the paint code under the bonnet. Looks Brown to me most of the time.

Schtonky -
Autologic are located in Ardena Court off Boundary Rd in Bentleigh East. 10 minutes from my place which I really like. Don't expect tiled floors, mirrored walls or cappucino machines. Ian Crane has this operating as a proper workshop and not as some lifestyle experience or for the wannabe boy racer types. If you get the chance, check out what he has out the back in the long term project area. I also got the proper wheels as the 19" look great but ride like cement shoes. I drove it with the 20" wheels and that was even worse. In fact I reckon it stops faster with less drama from the ABS on the 17s. That said I picked up a set or factory 18s from the V8 which I will put on later.

Cheers, Dan

Fraser 04-02-2011 12:52 AM


Originally Posted by DanX5d (Post 815706)
In fact I reckon it stops faster with less drama from the ABS on the 17s. Taht said I picked up a set or factory 18s from the V8 which I will put on later.

Cheers, Dan

The 17s have many advantages, not the least being the spare is a full match for the road wheels/tyres.

The 17s also ride better, bump-steer less, wear more evenly, are less prone to sidewall damage on potholed and/or gravel roads and are cheaper to replace.

Agree on the 19 and 20s but then, I go for function over fashion. 18s aren't a bad compromise. They were standard on the V8.

Is your 3.0d a Sport?

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