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LVR 09-16-2017 03:48 AM

Phone missing... nothing there at all..
Hi everyone...

I've just purchased a 2006 3.0D in immaculate condition and it's worth fixing and adding a few things that are missing inc the CD player etc..

It has the business CD MID with no nav... and no DSP?

I have ordered a Dynavin N6 E53 from Jeff which is on it's way.... but in the meantime I thought I would have a poke around as to why we cannot pair the phone....and one thing we don't have at all is a phone..... nothing nada not anything....



I understand from searching I need a TCU or ULF, bluetooth antennae, mic and cables etc...

My questions are,

are there any more modern TCU's suitable to work with the Dynavin?
are there any part numbers for the latest TCU?
can anyone point to a how to install the TCU as most seem to be about the bluetooth?
as I don't have a CD changer, am I likely to not have DSP either?

Thanks for any advice

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