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chuckd 05-04-2007 09:39 PM

Bluetooth dead??
My cingular treo650 was working flawlessly with mu 05 4.8is bluetooth connection, mated well, phonebook worked fine.
Then yesterday, dropped in middle of handsfree call, and will nnot sync anymore. My phone searches now and says no bluetooth devices availible. Any ideas? Does the bluetooth have a separate fuse or on off switch I don't know about?? I hate to take it to the dealer if its something silly I can fix.

UCrewX5 05-04-2007 09:44 PM

Is Assist still working? In the 2005, Assist and BT are in the same module (made by Motorola)

chuckd 05-04-2007 10:14 PM

Not sure.

UCrewX5 05-04-2007 10:17 PM

Check and see if it is. If not, likely the module has failed and needs to be replaced.

chuckd 05-05-2007 08:05 AM

BMW Assist is NOT working. I'm assuming this module is covered under my warranty...back to the dealer she goes....thanks guys.

UCrewX5 05-05-2007 09:24 AM

Yes, it should still be covered under warranty on a 2005.


josejb70 05-14-2007 08:34 AM


Make sure the dealer replaces your TCU with the latest generation module and they don't try to stick an old model part in your truck.

You will know the model number (an generation) when they give you the sticker with the TCU info and PK code. If they just try to give you the passcode on a piece of paper, be afraid, be very afraid!


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