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jknj 08-06-2008 09:24 PM

Phone cradle install on an x3
Thought I would update all on the "fun" I had installing a phone cradle on my 2005 x3. It looked easy enough. I ordered a Bluetooth kit from EAS, and then the trim piece for the center console from Tischer. The Bluetooth install went great, thanks to the advice I gained from this great forum. I knew about the headliner struggle to find the power connector, for example. It was all done in one half hour. The pairing was done with the new cradle laying out, and then removed. Long term I wanted to install the cradle, and then the Iphone 3G module when it comes out. When I received the trim piece, I went about the install, which seemed like it would be really straightforward, except I ran into a massive problme. The larger, multiple pin connector that the cradle pulgs into is clipped into the center under the new snap-in, and would hit the bottom of the new snap-in. I tried everything I could to remove it from the snap, and move it to the side, like the install sheet from EAS indicated it would go, but nothing I tried worked. I ended up milling off the top of the clip, as it had ears that were not needed, then using a very sharp chisel to get the maximum amount of extra plastic off. After that, the snap-in barely snaps in. I am worried now that it will pop out with a good bump. The whole thing looks marginal to me. The front edge of the snap-in is not held well, being secured by the pressure of the trim piece being screwed down. The only device holding the back of the snap-in is two side clamps with little grabbing surface, and the back of the universal tray, which I will use until the 3G cradle comes out, is barly clipped in in the back. Overall, pretty underwhelmed with the design. What should have been easy was nearly impossible. If my spouse saw me take a chisel to the plastic, she would have freaked!

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