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Utter chaos 03-10-2014 10:51 AM

New TCU or aftermarket Head Unit?
Hi All,

I have a UK E53 2006 with Bluetooth that won't connect.

I have a centre console button and can get "Bluetooth Pairing" to appear in the nav, problem is, then i won't connect to any phones.

I've tried the 10sec press to wipe the memory when in pairing mode but I get no long tones so something's up there.

I took it to a BMW dealership who took a look, which was nice of them, had they reckon it might be to do with a bit of corrosion that is evident on the TCU plug. He cleaned it up but still no luck.

I'm going to attempt to give it a clean and a test myself but in the mean time the BMW guy said the unit might have been fried by the corrosion.

Question is... a second hand TCU or do I get a new aftermarket heasd unit like this - 7" Car DVD Player Bluetooth GPS SAT NAV Touch Stereo BT for BMW 5 Series E39 E53 | eBay

Does anyone have any experience in these units? On the surface that look pretty good...

Will I loose any functionality?

Cheers all.

Utter chaos 03-20-2014 03:30 PM

New BT guts in TCU... Sorted now thanks.

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