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Terry7606 08-19-2019 10:48 PM

2003 X5 4.6is ABSOLUTELY MINT!

I do apologize that the link is no longer active. I will correct this very soon.

ETAction 08-23-2019 01:28 PM

nothing still

Terry7606 08-24-2019 05:55 PM

Sorry guys, I cant get any attachments to stick. You can Email me at [email protected]. I will send a script and pics. Please only serious buyers. I honestly consider this one of the last clean X5's out there for sale.

Apologies for the delay, I been away at training for Audi and in the middle of moving.

MileHighIS 09-04-2019 03:29 PM

Why don't you at least post spec's here? Color, mileage, location, etc. ?

nextelbuddy 09-05-2019 03:01 PM

this has to be one of the more disappointing for sale ads i have ever seen.

are you having a hard time with the forum and posting pictures? do you know how to use image hosting?

if you use a mobile device apple or android, download Tapatalk app and login to Xoutpost through there. it will let you upload pictures from your phone easily and show them on here.

Terry7606 09-13-2019 12:43 AM

I really do appreciate that, nextelbuddy. Ill be perfectly honest, I am not good with the internet. I understand software data bit streams, but loading things on to an unrecognizable interface confuses me.
I do apologize for the delay, I am moving and very overwhelmed. not to mention serious training with Audi to keep my certs.

You are looking at a 2003 4.6 dressed in Imola red with a black interior. The machine is VERY likely the best you will find in the states. The interior trim is silver, that produces a dashing sporty look. There were only 2000 red 4.6 X5's made... I can safely call this one the cleanest... Unless someone can speak up.

Its worth your time to request pics through the email address provided. I did have a Ferrari dealer appraise it, thats why I ask for serious inquires only.

I will continue to say sorry for delays, my life is in quite a fixation on a moral compass as of the moment. A lot is happening, I will respond to all accordingly when life isnt running me down.

I will allow a phone number upon serious results. I can nearly promise this; whoever has this car in the states, it better be nicer than mine.

Terry7606 09-17-2019 10:31 PM

MilehighIS, Specs are bone stock; there is nothing to post. Its all original. The clock is at 59k. Email me if you need additional info or pics. I thought that was fairly clear.

Terry7606 09-17-2019 10:45 PM

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Terry7606 09-17-2019 10:48 PM

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Terry7606 09-17-2019 10:55 PM

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