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1100russ 02-05-2021 01:33 PM

WTB: Seat/memory/tilt controller
New member. Just purchased a 2002 X5 with the 4.4. Rebuilding the drivers side lock/door opening mechanisims right now lol. Need a seat controller. No tilt or memory functions but seat moves. Good forum. Have learned alot already. Thanks guys.....

crystalworks 02-05-2021 02:59 PM

If this is the driver's side seat module there are options on Ebay for as little as $30.

1100russ 02-05-2021 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by crystalworks (Post 1199364)
If this is the driver's side seat module there are options on Ebay for as little as $30.

Haven't seen any that cheap but have seen a few for around 50 bucks, at least the type I need w/memory. Thought I would try and support guys here first. Not sure how strong the parts market is here yet. I'm a member of an old honda forum (cb1100f.net) and we help each other out with parts quite a bit.

crystalworks 02-05-2021 03:16 PM

Gotcha. Not many here with parts trucks sitting around. The wives tend to frown on it. ;)

Ah, yes I see the cheapest memory module is $50. You could probably get it cheaper at a PnP if so inclined.

Emory39 02-21-2021 09:38 AM

I have some if you are still on the hunt for it PM me your number for pictures.

1100russ 02-21-2021 11:50 AM

Sorry guys, should have updated this. Got one off fleabay for 40 bucks. We'll see if it works. Says it's been tested.... If it doesn't work I'll let you know Emory. Thanks.

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