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skikodiak 01-31-2017 07:07 PM

Avoid BMW Fresno!!
I purchased my 2006 M Roadster from Fresno BMW about ten years ago. It was a good experience. It's long since been paid off. Two years ago I bought a 2013 BMW X5 diesel from a private party. It was financed thru BMW. I paid off the car and paid the previous owner. BMW sent me the release of title and I have the car titled in WA state. So two weeks ago BMW of Fresno calls and asks if I have a 2013 x5. I say I do and am told the lease is running out and I need to turn the car in or make arrangements to buy it. I told him I paid cash for the car and have title for it in WA. Now he starts to play hard ball telling me the car is leased and I need to turn it in. Now I'm upset wondering if somehow I was scammed. After quite a while of arguing he calls me the name of someone else. I tell him that is not me. He asked me more about my car and when he is told it's a diesel he says he got the WRONG GUY and he will take my contact information off the account. Pretty poor customer service. Two weeks later he calls and starts in again, treating me like I'm trying to steal a car from him. I tell him he has the wrong guy. He says he does not and uses my name. We argue again and finally he says my name and middle initial and it's the wrong middle initial. The he says again he has the wrong guy. I ask to talk to the general manager and he says he is the lease manager. It tell him I want the general manager. He says not available, in a meeting. I said have him call me today. No call! I call BMWNA Customer Relations they take the info and connect me with the sales manager. I tell him I want to talk to GM, have him call. NO CALL! I call BMWNA again and they have no contact info other than their website because no I am asking for the owner. I ask for a supervisor at BMWNA. I am told there would be a 30 minute wait because of the high call volumes. Don't you wonder why they have high call volumes for the Customer Relations supervisor. He couldn't give me the owners info, says he will have someone look into it.

Walk don't run from any dealing with BMW of Fresno! Horrible customer relations!! These guys appear to be scammers! Read their reviews on Facebook!

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