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Bimmer360 01-21-2008 11:18 PM

Spark Plug Replacement DIY - E53 4.4i
Here is my contribution for the X5world members. It's my way of saying thank you for a very useful and informative website.

Spark Plug Replacement DIY
by Ernest aka Bimmer360

Bimmer360 is not responsible or liable for any damage of any property or injury resulted in performing this DIY. It is highly recommended to implement safety procedures at all times.

Vehicle Info:
2001 BMW X5 4.4i V8

Tools/Materials needed:
Spark Plug Socket
6” or longer extension
8 Spark Plugs (for V8 4.4i)
Anti-seize compound
Flat Head Screwdriver
Set of sockets

Step 1: Remove the center engine cover by unscrewing 4 hex bolts using an allen wrench. Once they’re loose, lift the cover up.

Step 2: Remove the 2 side covers (says BMW) that hides the coil heads by removing the screws using a socket. There are 2 on each side. The 2 that are farther has a cover. Gently pry it using a flathead screwdriver or any prying tools and remove the screws inside.

Step 3: Once all the 3 covers are removed. You should see all the coil heads exposed as shown below.

You will need to remove the connector on each head by unlocking the silver clip. To do so, you will need to hold on both sides of the clip and pull it out towards the directions of the arrow below.

Step 4: Each coil heads has 2 hex nut on each side that holds them. Unscrew them using a socket. I have the 4.4i X5 V8 so it has 8 coils with 2 hex nuts on each so i have 16 total.

IMPORTANT: Facing the engine on the right, the 3rd coil has 2 ring terminal connected with the hex nut, and on the left side of the engine, the 2nd coil has them, so make sure you put them back once you're ready to tigthen the nuts back.

Step 5: Once all the screws and all the connectors have been removed gently pull the coils out to expose the spark plug inside the hole.

Step 6: Using a spark plug socket and a 6” inch extension, Place it down into the hole where the coil came out of. Twist it until you can press it down on the spark plug. You will hear a pop/click. You can now loosen the spark plug.

Step 7: Get the new plugs (i purchased BOSCH PLATINUM) and apply an Anti-seize compound around the threaded area to avoid seize and corrosion.

Step 8: Place the new spark plug inside the socket and place it down the hole. Firmly press the coil back onto the plug, and then re-attach the connector. Lock it by pushing the silver clip and screw all the nuts back to tighten them. Do the same steps for the rest of the spark plugs and coils.

IMPORTANT: Virtually every fastener or threaded connection on our BMW X5 has a torque spec assigned to it including spark plugs. Please refer to any legitimate source for specs.

Step 9: Finally, reinstall everything using in reverse order. Start engine and make sure it works.

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